Julian & Vanessa

What is with our weather lately? Thankfully with the right attitude, crazy weather doesn’t ruin a wedding day. That can be said for Vanessa and Julian, who quite simply just kept calm and collected, and Vanessa's infectious smile helped to brighten the day. Held at the Officers Mess Naval Base in Takapuna, their wedding was originally meant to be held outside, but with a storm passing through, everything had to be moved inside.

Vanessa and Julian are a couple who love to be outdoors and determinedly, we did try to get a few shots outside. After a couple of broken umbrellas, we decided that it might be best to stay indoors and postpone the couples portraits until a later date - though we did manage a few nice portraits indoors! Elegantly styled, the venue provided a gorgeous intimate setting for their wedding. Everything was beautifully understated. Once you paid a bit more attention to your surroundings you really began to notice small details here and there that offset the overall aesthetic perfectly.

Special mention needs to be made about shoes. I’m not really a big shoe person, but I couldn't go past Vanessa's choice in shoes! Vanessa had pride in mentioning she had the shoes before the dress. They were a subtle feature in her overall look, but really shone when her outfit was complete. Julian had surprised Vanessa with a proposal when they were on their first big overseas trip and they will be heading back to Europe later in the year for their official honeymoon. I hope Julian has something up his sleeve, because the last big surprise in Europe might be a little bit harder to top!