Ben & Tish

I really love it when I meet couples who aren't afraid to just be themselves and are excited to get stuck in with their engagement photoshoots. Of course for most people they are a little nerve wracking at first - especially if you have never had one before, but nerves quickly turn to laughter after I bring out my super lame jokes.

Ben & Tish grew up in the same town of Kaiapoi just north of Christchurch, so it was only fitting that we met up and started the journey at the Kaiapoi domain. To the untrained eye, its just a park with a lot of trees, for me as a photographer it became a treasure trove of spots to create these awesome memories. These two were the perfect mix of love and silliness, which suits my photography style down to a tee. 

The skies were dark and threatening rain, but it held off enough to get some photographs of these two doing their thing. We were even pleasantly surprised with both Autumn leaves on the ground and Spring Cherry Blossoms starting to bloom, even when its still technically Winter! Good old New Zealand - 3 seasons in a day ;)

These two lovely people will be saying their "I Do's" at their fantastic wedding in January back down in Christchurch, and I cannot wait!!!