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There is a big trend right now for the Bride and Groom to see eachother before the wedding. It gets a lot of people asking do they want a first look at theirs? It really is a personal preference, no one can tell you which one is better.

When I got married we opted to go traditional. We never had a first look and at the time that suited us. Though there are certain pro's to having a first look which I'm outlining below:

  • It can relieve a lot of emotions and apprehension before the ceremony. If you are a nervous type of person, or don't like to be the center of attention, a first look is perfect for you. It tends to relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety that can occur before a bride walks down the aisle.
  • It allows you more time with your guests after the ceremony. Weddings go by in a flash! I mean literally, one minute your getting ready with your best girls (or guys), then next minute your having your first dance. Its easy to forget those details in between, and you can easily miss having a catch up with your guests, or even worse miss some guests. If your wedding is more about spending time with your guests then this is also a good option.
  • More time for bridal photos. Often a wedding will run late, its always the way, I have yet to photograph a wedding that was right on time the whole day. Often the time that gets cut short is the bridal photos. If they are important to you then definitely have a think about a first look.
  • Your makeup and hair is fresh. This is a big one, if you have an outdoor ceremony and its windy often your hair can look a little bit dishevelled by the time the bridal photos come around. And while hiring a good makeup artist will help ensure your face stays flawless the whole day, truth is it doesn't always stay 100% perfect.


  • Normally you need to start your day earlier. If you choose a first look you may need to start the prep an hour or so earlier.
  • It may make the morning a little more rushed. But if you start a bit earlier there shouldn't be any major issues.
  • The ceremony may feel a bit anticlimatic. This point can be debated, a lot of brides are worried it will make the ceremony feel less special, but often its the opposite. As mentioned above, if you are an emotional type of person it will often subdue the extra emotions and you can enjoy the moment of marrying the love of your life. I have had this feedback from brides, as well as other photographers I have talked to.

It pays to weigh up the pro's and con's of a first look. I myself was worried it would make the ceremony and walking up the aisle feel less intimate. I am an emotional person and unfortunately all it did was make me cry at the end of the aisle and I spent the rest of the ceremony trying to wipe my nose of snot, and not sniff (I'm not kidding!). Thankfully I had an amazing photographer who managed to miss those lovely moments.

Nardz x

P.S Yes that is me stuffing a tissue into my dress, it was in and out the whole ceremony :/

Image Credit: Anthony Turnham SNAP! Wedding Photography

Image Credit: Anthony Turnham SNAP! Wedding Photography